Hi! I'm Arash Kheirollahi

I'm a

  • FrotEnd Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Student

  • Photographer

  • Graphic geek



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SCSS
  • Python
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind
  • English
  • Photoshop
  • Curiosity
My Skills スキル Навыки и умения 技能 My Skills スキル Навыки и умения 技能
My Skills スキル Навыки и умения 技能 My Skills スキル Навыки и умения 技能


Hey there!

My name is Arash, I was born on September 16 , 2001 in Iran-Tehran I'm currently studying computer engineering at azad university of tehran. My coding journey started at 2022, when I met Mr.Ahmadi in python algorithm course. through the course he guided me toward Parnian Web School. currently I'm under the supervision of Mr.Parsa Ghorbanian. He is truly one of a kind :)

Here on this little virtual journal you can visit my little projects that i made through this course
Disclaimer:Most of my early works are better to be viewed on a Desktop device

My Journal

A Short story by Arashkh

Design Idea by Zahra Ghanbarzadeh
Iphone x Ipad

June/28/2022 -- Couldn't get my mind off of 3D designs, also had to try out the new topic we've learnt back then; responsive sites!!
so make sure to check it out on both PC and Cellphone!

Solar System

June/17/2022 -- ngl, the nightSky is the lily of world's beauty.
This project was really fun for me make. The idea was from my master, without his help it would be an impossible dream to achieve. (ps. it's a nice background, Try it :D )

One Room Gallery

June/07/2022 -- Things just got a little more intresting in class, I've just learned CSS 3D and boy i was happy with it; couldn't decide what to make though
After a while one of my awsome classmates shared a cool 3D museum, and i got the spark!

Apex Fanmade Page

May/30/2022 -- Now this one looks more like a webpage! I got the idea and the motivation from a randome video I found on youtube, and I thought, what design can look good with this? so I got to work...

Unnamed Project

May/24/2022 -- Didn't know what to call this one :(
for this project i was simply taking babysteps to learn basic website layouts, it was a clean work but still Too bland.


May/22/2022 -- It all began with this little project.
I was really happy with the result at that time. But it was Too simple so I thought i'd make something more complex.

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